wendyMeet Wendy Wahlstedt

I have always believed that the search for truth in one’s life holds great challenges and great rewards. I found that other people like me were seeking answers to everyday challenges as well as deeper issues, wanting to make sense of life. That is why I chose to focus my studies in the area of psychology, and received an MS degree in counseling. I had compassion through my own struggles and thought I could help people with theirs. To work with other individuals in such a way is a very rewarding experience.

My journey also took me in the direction of getting to live a dream, that of learning to fly. This is one of the most fulfilling things I have done. It was a very meaningful personal experience, which I needed to mature as an individual. I always wanted to go beyond where I was at the moment, to see what I could do.
After gaining experience as a pilot, I chose to pursue it further. I enjoyed instructing others to fly, and then, having a career as a commercial airline pilot. This experience gave me greater self awareness, leadership skills, and put my people skills to the test! It has also helped me creatively to rise above a situation and consider various possibilities and perspectives. (Pardon the pun!)

My desire to work with people still remained strong, and I have more recently focused my training in counseling in the new and exciting field of personal life coaching. This particular approach incorporates an understanding and acknowledgement of an individual’s inner wisdom to a greater degree than does counseling. And it is action-oriented. It’s about becoming very clear about your own true dreams and goals and actually bringing them to life! It can be most illuminating! Aided by life coaching, your progress in self-awareness will open many doors for you. I share in the satisfaction when people find their own doors, and continue on their path.